Chennai is one the best places to buy gold jewellery in India also it’s having lots of branded jewellery shops in chennai. For consumers from all over the Tamil Nadu and south Andhra Pradesh, Chennai is a great shopping destination for weddings and festivals. Akshaya Tritiya offers are very attractive in Jewellery stores across Chennai. From waivers in wastage to discount on diamond and other gem stones, jewellery showrooms run huge promotions to attract customers in the most auspicious season to buy gold ornaments.

While most gold shops in chennai are target niche customers, the big ones cater to middle class who are price conscious and very particular about wastage charges which add up to the price of gold. How to select which one is the best gold jewellery shop in chennai? That’s the reason we have analysed some of the big brand players in the space and here we have listed the top 10 best jewellery shops in chennai READ THIS LIST ONE BY ONE FROM NUMBER 10

Kalyan Jewellers in T Nagar, Chennai is the Flagship store of the famous Jeweler store. Kalyan introduced the fixed price model practice without price negotiations thus making it a level playing field for all kinds of customers. While Joyalukkas in Prashanth Gold Towers in North Usman road is very popular among the affluent population of Chennai, it has less choice compared to GRT Jewellers in Chennai.

Lalitha Jewellery revolutionized the jewellery purchase once for all by slashing the wastage close to zero levels for some models. The maximum wastage is less than 8% in Lalitha while in GRT it can go up to 20% for Calcutta models. For example, if you buy jewellery worth 1 Lakh, the difference in wastage between the best and the worst can save you more than 10,000 rupees. In Chennai, most big Jewellers are located in T Nagar in Usman Road and Ranganathan Street.

However, the rise of many sub-urban regions in Chennai such as Anna Nagar, Tambaram, Chromepet, Adyar and Old Mahabalipuram have prompted Jewellers like GRT, Jayachandran, Nathella and Kalyan to open branches in these fast growing locations.

Little Nathella, a concept with kids in mind has been very successful for Nathella which opened a new branch in Tambaram following the huge success of Little Nathella. Khazana jewellery which operated its only branch from cathedral road for many years opened its second branch in Velachery which now runs a promotion called “Bangle Mela” every season.

Old Jewellers like Vimmudi Bangaru Chetty and NAC are also now attracting new customers despite their rich and loyal customers for many decades. More than ever, designs take priority to others factors like low wastage and purity gold stores in chennai. Malabar jewellery went on a advertising spree with its “Brides of india” concept featuring a line of collections targeted for the lucrative wedding theme. While the young don’t worry about wastage, the cost conscious elders in the family visit mostly gold stores which charge less wastage. Lalitha jewellery gained its lost ground just by targeting customers who prefer cost to design. Prince jewellery is an old favorite among the affluent, but it operates very few branches.

Tanishq Jewellers promoted by the TATA group runs its flagship store in North Usman road just opposite to GRT. Besides customers from Chennai and its sub-urbs and Andhra, Jewellers from Chennai attract regular NRI shoppers from Malaysia and Singapore. In Pallavaram Bazaar, Shanthi jewellery, a jewellery showroom in chennai run for over 5 decades has been renovated to attract customers from South Chennai.

Kirtilals is a favorite among Diamond jewellery fans. Palsani and Mehta also run gold showrooms with designs that use precious stones like Diamond, Ruby, Pearls, Emerald etc. Lucky stones have a big market targeted by KP Jewellers, a pioneer in the concept. Sree Gold has lot of North Indian customers in Chennai.

The Gold Savings scheme run by popular showrooms is a win-win scheme for both. GRT introduced the concept two decades back enabling middle class to buy Gold ornaments through their savings. By locking Gold at the current price, customers can hedge their savings from future rise in Gold prices. Traditionally, dowry is given in the form of Gold ornaments, so there is huge burden for the middle class whenever they plan marriage for their kith and kin.


G.R.Thangamaligai Jewellers was founded by G.Rajendran in 1964 with its first store in T.Nagar, Chennai. GRT has a strong customer base built over the last 50 years. Many customers find the brand attractive owing to its designs, customer care and purity of the yellow metal. Besides Chennai, GRT has expanded to other cities in the recent years like Tirupati and Hyderabad. Though the wastage charges are pretty high, customers consider GRT as the first choice to buy jewellery.

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Jeyachandran Gold House (An Unit of Jeyachandran Textiles) followed the footsteps of Saravana stores and launched their first store in Ranganathan street. They offer very low wastage charges without compromising on quality as well. The retail giant has opened a new jewellery store in Tambaram which is developing as a shopping hub of south Chennai (GRT already has a store here).

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Khazana has been operating only one store for many years in cathedral road (As of 2013, they have five stores in Chennai). After finding success with niche customers, they started few more stores with aggressive campaigning. The group has massive presence in Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu and have more than 50% of their stores in tier 2 cities. Like many popular jewellery stores, they spend a lot of money on advertising and actor Tamannah is their brand ambassador.

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Malabar Gold opened its first store in Chennai in 2011. Originally launched with Maestro Ilaiyaraja as the brand ambassador, the store has since then roped in actor Surya as its brand ambassador. As of 2013 they are coming up another store in Phoenix market city mall in Velachery. Malabar gold has a variety of collections and is one of the largest jewellery retailers with many branches in south India

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Sree Kumaran Gold House belongs to the Chennai silks group. They have huge showroom in Usman road in the heart of the city. Though the group has big presence in many cities in Tamil Nadu, they have many varieties and designs especially for Chennai customers. They already have a huge customer base in Chennai garnered through Chennai silks and their foray into jewellery is already a big success.

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Tanishq has a big presence in Chennai (After all, the name itself is derived from TATA/Tamil Nadu & Nishq). It has 7 stores in Chennai if different locations with its T.Nagar branch being the largest Tanishq store. While Tanishq does not promote with reduced wastage charges, the brand TATA can be trusted for purity. Tanishq is one of the few jewellers to account stone and gold weight separately.

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Saravana Stores is perhaps popular for selling utensils, appliances and clothes. But in 2002 they started their first jewellery store with aggressive campaigning and in a few years it became a popular destination for the middle class for buying jewellery as well.

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The famous Jewellery chain with stores around the world opened its store in Chennai in 2008. Celebrated by Joyalukkas as the World”s largest Jewellery showroom, the store is located in Prashanth Gold Towers (Owned by actor Prashanth) in North Usman Road, T.Nagar. It has a Diamond Cave at the top most level aimed at educating the public about Diamonds. It has a seperate section for branded jewellery and Silver.

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The revolutionary jewellers who changed the game of gold retailing in Chennai, Lalitha opened its first store in T.Nagar Chennai near panagal park in 1985. Though many stores like Saravana and Jeyachandran have low wastage charges, it was Lalitha who capitalised on this with advertisements which emphasise wastage charges and its contribution to jewellery prices (they even have comparison charts).

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Prince Jewellery is known for its great advertisements and an established store long before the arrival of Joyalukkas, Malabar gold and the likes. With three key locations in the heart of the city, their landmark store is a very big shop in panagal park, Chennai. Like many other jewel shops in T.Nagar, they offer valet parking to its customers. Their many designs and purity of the metal has earned them many loyal customers.

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