Chennai is a place to taste all the best Biryani varieties in India. Hyderabadi Dum Biryani, Dindigul Thalapakatti Biryani, Vaniyambadi and Ambur Biryani are very popular.  It was once a rare dish in Chennai and only few hotels served the dish in its original taste. Factors like cooking style, rice ( basmati and jeeragasamba) and meat (chicken, mutton and beef) contribute to difference in taste and aroma. Buhari is the first and perhaps the oldest Biryani restaurant which still thrives. Thanks to their rapid expansion, now they are present in all important locations in Chennai including T Nagar, mount road, Velachery, Chromepet and OMR.

Dindigul Thalapakatti is the rated the best according to reviews in Zomato, Burrp and many food guides. Foodies are also presented with lot of biryani choices in Thalapakatti. While kids like chicken 65 combo biryani, most families order mutton biriyani with starters like drumstick chicken or kozhi porichathu. The Dalcha and raita are served in high quality. Dindigul Velu ( a copy of the famous Dindigul Venu) was thriving in certain locations in Chennai but they closed shop after the arrival of Thalapakatti.

Buhari restaurant serves basmati biryani in Mughal style. The aroma is great and the serving quantity is often enough for a big mouth compared to Thalapakatti where the serving is very small. Buhari also provides lot of choices which are more opt and goes well with biriyani. The famous Blue Lagoon Resort in ECR now has a Buhari in its premises. Aasife brothers started out very small in buttroad, but they are the fastest growing restaurant chain in Chennai now. Aasife biryani is little spicy and the texture is not smooth. Aasife home food delivery operate through late night till 3 AM in the morning.

Star Biryani, a famous restaurant from Ambur is located in Velachery and Anna Nagar. Like Thalapakatti , they also make biriyani using seeraga samba rice. Junior Kuppana is another non-veg restaurant which serves seeraga samba rice biryani. Junior Kuppana is very costly though the taste justifies the price to some extent. Except in T Nagar, Kuppana is not too crowded and very good for Sunday lunch. SS Hyderabad  biryani in Perambur is very famous for its bucket biryani.

Salem RR biryani famous for its serving size is very popular among middle class. Take a pracel and it might serve the whole family. The chicken 65 in Salem RR biryani is too good for the price. They now operate a food counter in The Legend Saravana Stores, Padi. In Velachery branch, they serve payasam as complimentary dessert. koora kadai biryani in OMR-ECR link road, Sholinganallur is a must try place. E Sait biryani and Ya Mohideen Biryani are good choices if you are planning take away. The ambience is not that great for dine-in. Madurai Appu and Kannappar are good for family dinners as they provide good service with wide choice of starters and side dishes. Amma Mess in G N Chetty is a must try if you like biriyani with mutton chukka.

Ammis Biryani operates numerous branches in Chennai. They serve biriyani at all timings. Certain Arabian restaurants like Zaitoon, Alreef and Savoury Sea Shell also serve biryani in persian style. Famous chefs who operate biryani catering insist that it is the Dum which decides the taste. Hyderabadi biryani is often made spicy and only very few restaurants in Chennai serve original Hyderabadi version. However the taste is quite different from Ambur biryani. Gongura restaurant in Sholiganallur serves the tastiest Hyderabadi biryani in Chennai.

While Anjapapar and Karaikudi chettinad restaurants focus on starters, soups, main courses and side dishes, their biriyani is however very spicy and tasty. Ponusamy biriyani is also a must try for mutton lovers. DaalChini serves good chicken biriyani with nice starters and side orders. Among star hotels., biriyani is very good in Hotel Green Park famous for its late night buffet.

For vegetarian lovers, Adyar Ananda Bhavan, Vasantha Bhavan and Saravana Bhavan serve very good vegetable biriyani in Chennai. Also called as Brinji, E Sait also serves it. Similar in taste to kashmiri pulav, vegetable biriyani usually have cashews and hence they are also costly in premium restaurants. Some restaurants also serve fish and prawn biriyani, but they taste very odd if not good. Thalassery biriyani Biryani is available in Kerala restaurants like Kumarakom and Aroma Of Thalassery.

Biryani is the single most popular dish in Chennai served by most reaturants in Chennai. It was once a costly dish served only by very few reataurants. But thanks to the rise in income levels and especially disposable income in the past decade, many new restaurants which are famous for biriyani have sprung up around the city. Here, we have hand picked the Top 10 best biryani in chennai which are ever popular with foodies.


Buhari Hotel in Mount road is famous with all the celebrities in Chennai. Years back, they had a restaurant in Marina beach back which was very famous with film personalities of the date. Recently, the y have expanded into locations like Anna nagar, Ashok nagar, and Chromepet

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Junior kuppana is the recent addition to the list of best biriyani shops in Chennai. Though many biriyani lovers are concerned about the quantity and price. Still its only place in the city where you get good pallipalayam chicken (Kongunaadu speciality dish).

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Dindigul is famous for biriyani kadais (Thalapakatti & Venu). For years, these shops did not concentrate on locations outside Dindigul where they are running it for decades. But due to great demand for the name ( So many fake thalapakkatus exist in the city). They opened their first restaurant in Anna nagar and following the huge success, they are now present in Ramavaram, Nungambakkam and Velachery.

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Following the success of Thalapakatti Biriyani Chennai, the restaurant by the name Dindigul Velu Biriyani (not the famous Dindigul Venu) was launched in Nugambakkam, Chennai. The restaurant is famous for Siraga Samba biriyani like any Dindigul based biriyani kadai. It has branches in Chromepet and Velachery too.

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R.R Salem used to be famous for the only bar-cum restaurant (In Vadaplani) in the City. Since then, they have carved out a niche following for them and today, they are one of the most famous biriyani shops in Chennai. They have branches in Tambaram, Velachery, Maramalai nagar (restaurant style) and Koyambedu.

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E-sait is famous with the biriyani lovers of Chromepet, Sanatoriunm and Tambaram. The only disadvantage is the poor ambience which they don’t to care about. So try taking parcels (The quantity of one biriyani is enough for two).

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Aasif brothers started their first shop in butt road, Guindy in a small 150 sq.ft shop. But, in the last few years they have opened two more restaurants opposite to the original shop, one in GST road and one in Pallavaram. Aasif brothers have got many fans and they are good at pricing and private catering as well.

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Ya Mohideen biriyani is perhaps the famous & best biriyani shop in Pallavaram. Also in Ya Mohideen chicken pakoda is very tasty and made fresh every evening and one can try it with mutton soup which together costs only INR 40. Great taste, but for those who seek ambience, sorry you got to try take home as there are no seating chairs in the restaurant. Even though Ya Mohideen Briyani pallavaram is always rush in peak hours.

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Hajeeras Kitchen is located in Velachery. Famous for its mutton biriyani, the restaurant also serves a variety of side dishes which are equally tasty. Many varieties of biriyani can be tried here including prawn biriyani, mughal dhum biriyani, hyderabadi biriyani and fish biriyani.

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Hotel Samco is located in Alwarpet (CP Ramasamy road – Eldams road junction). It is a very famous restaurant in the neighbourhood and has been around for decades. The mutton biriyani is very tasty and so does other mutton dished. Recently, the restaurant was renovated and none other than the most famous citizen of Alwarpet Ulaga nayagan. Kamal Hassan inaugurated the restaurant.

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