The Best Restaurants in OMR offer great tasting food and service. Quite recently, Buffet Restaurants in OMR Chennai are a big hit. Eating habits have changed in the past decade with biriyani being preferred over regular meals in lunch.

The arrival of best restaurants chains in Old Mahabalipuram Road like Sigree Global Grill, Mainland China, Moti Mahal Delux and Flaming Wok which launched their first restaurant in Chennai in the famous IT highway has kicked off competition in the space.

Traditional old restaurants in OMR like Anjappar, Ponnusamy and Saravana Bhavan do not offer the buffet at all and eating in there restaurants have become costly. The new restaurants with pan Indian presence are gaining ground with their innovation in dishes like grills, kebabs, soups, salads, desserts, and main courses.

Price & Menu

The price range of most of the lunch & dinner buffet in our is between Rs. 399 to 1000 plus taxes. All the restaurants feature more or less the same items menu with a few different dishes.


Most of these buffet restaurants are located near Thoraipakkam which is considered the geographical center of OMR. Most of these restaurants have proven track record with operations across many cities in India. But if you are looking for a spacious restaurant then you have to cross Sholinganallur signal and travel south towards Siruseri.

Restaurant Ratings & Reviews

While Sigree global Grill is rated as the best buffet restaurant in Mahabalipuram, more eateries are coming up every few weeks vying for the biggest dining market in South India.

OMR Restaurants are rated based on two important factors, the waiting time and speed of service. IT employees enjoy eating in good restaurants, but if food takes a long time to serve, then even if other things stand out, the restaurant would be less preferred choice sooner or later.

While good food clearly makes the difference between a good and bad restaurant, the eating time to waiting time ratio also plays an important role. Since most of the customers in OMR are young and tech-savvy, a review can influence the business directly very soon. Any negative review can become viral and impact the restaurants adversely.

Out of hundreds of restaurants in OMR, we attempted to choose the best among the lot and here is the list of Top 10 Best Buffet Restaurants in OMR Chennai along with our reviews.


Holy smoke is a live grill restaurant located in Thoraipakkam, Old Mahabalipuram Road (OMR).  It is a big restaurant well suited for corporate lunches and dinners.

Capitalizing on the popularity of live grill theme set up by the famous restaurant chain Barbeque nation, Holy Smoke is among the very few live grill restaurants in OMR which can accommodate very big groups.

Since its a buffet restaurant, don’t expect the waiters to be courteous if you planning a lunch on Friday, but otherwise, it’s a great place for relaxed dining with good ambiance.


  • SOUPS: 1 Veg & 1 Non- Veg
  • STARTERS (NON VEG) :5 Varieties
  • STARTERS (VEG): 6 Varieties
  • SALADS (NON VEG):  2 Varieties
  • SALADS (VEG): 5 Varieties
  • DIPS:  3 Varieties
  • MARINATES:  3 Varieties
  • MAIN COURSE (NON VEG):  5 Items
  • MAIN COURSE (VEG):  7 Varieties
  • DESSERTS: 5 Varieties (including ice cream)
  • BREADS: Naan/ Roti/ Kulcha
  • EXTRAS: Curd Rice, Pickle and Papad

Buffet Price

Lunch (Veg): INR 525 + Tax

Lunch (Non-Veg: INR 575 + Tax

Dinner (Veg): INR 525 + Tax

Dinner (Non-Veg): INR 575 + Tax

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Mainland China is strictly for Chinese food lovers. Located in Okkiyam, Thoraipakkam, the restaurant is most famous for its interiors as its food. The buffet menu is exquisite with a great choice of authentic Chinese dishes including Wontons, Shanghai spring rolls, Pankchoy dumplings, Dimsum, Prawn hargao, etc. The ingredients used in the cuisines such as spices and sauces are procured from authentic sources in China. Specialty dishes and desserts like fried ice cream, American Chopsey noodles, Dimsum chicken taste great, unique and different. The buffet is however very costly at INR 730 plus tax which matches the prices of five-star hotel restaurants. Unless you are an avid eater and have a great taste for Chinese food, Mainland China buffet is not for you.

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Copper Chimney is located near Ascendas IT Park just about 50 meters off OMR road. The gourmet restaurant serves authentic north Indian food and was themed around cuisines of North West frontiers. The Buffet menu is handpicked from the best of the dishes covering tikkas, kebabs, soups, malai kofta, and panner items are appreciable. The passion of the chef is well reflected in the taste with many dishes worth refilling. The staffs are friendlier and professional. The cost of the buffet is INR 529 plus tax for both lunch and dinner. The restaurant also wins big with its well-done interiors.

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The in-house restaurant of Quality Hotel Sabari Classic, 24X7 Bytes is a great choice for relaxed dining. It offers a rich menu which includes soups, salads, mutton items, chicken varieties, panner, okra, pasta, noodles, fried rice and a wide choice of dessert including black forest, ice cream etc. The pastries and cakes are especially worth mentioning. The buffet is worth spending for if you have enough time for tasting the whole spread (or at least the one you like). The restaurant has rich interiors as it is part of a big hotel and offers a great ambiance. Buffet Price: Rs. 650 + Tax Lunch – Veg (Mon-Fri) Rs. 600 + Tax Lunch – Non Veg (Mon-Fri) Rs. 650 + Tax Dinner – Veg (Mon-Fri) Rs. 600 + Tax Dinner – Non Veg (Mon-Fri)

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Flaming Wok is an Asian stir-fry restaurant which offers a buffet for lunch. They have unlimited stir-fry priced at INR 349 which offers great value for money. Fried ice cream is another specialty here and though the restaurant is themed around Far East Asian food, they serve a lot of local dishes including mutton kola urundai, prawn thokku, kebabs, paneer tikka, mutton Chettinad and kottu parottas thought not all of these are part of the buffet menu. Ambiance: The ambiance is great and not too cramped as with many OMR restaurants. Booking & Availability: Advance booking is recommended if you are planning a group or corporate team lunch on Fridays. Buffet Price: INR 499 + Tax

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Rasavid in OMR (Old Mahabalipuram Road) Chennai which is one of the top 10 best buffets in Chennai. Rasavid OMR second restaurant of the successful restaurant by the same name in Karapakkam which is famous for Andhra food. Also, the same rasavid is available on naval, or, semmencherry, sholinganallur. Located in Semmenchery, it is close to Infosys, Accenture and not too far from Sholinganallur signal. Rasavid is a big place with a large seating capacity but the interiors are not too great. Buffet Price Rs. 450 Lunch & Dinner – Veg Rs. 550 Lunch & Dinner – Non Veg The Rasavid buffet menu consists of 32 items including soups, starters like potato fry, kebabs, tikkas and tandoors along with a wide choice of dessert carefully selected to give the customers the best buffet experience. OMR is flush with theme restaurants and very few really serve conventional buffet with regular choices in the menu. Rasavid’s signature dish chili fish is the best in Chennai. Even in A la carte, it is a must try dish which is both very tasty and mouthful. The ambiance is both spacious and modern. Service is not poor but response time is not definitely fast by OMR standards. On Fridays, they don’t even recommend booking which results in large crowds during lunch. The high roof contributes to the feel of a star hotel atmosphere. The chairs look very cheap and uncomfortable to sit for a long time. The buffet spread is neatly arranged to make customers very comfortable when picking food. Salads and desserts are the reason why it corporate teams who bring their customers too. Some items in A La Carte are served in small quantities prompting to opt for a buffet (though these items are often missing in buffet menu). Channa masala and peanut masala taste very different and rare in other fine dining restaurants. For guests who prefer less spice should ask the waiters about the spice meter of the cuisine since some items by default are made very spicy. Papads are complimentary with most dishes. Cakes in the dessert look very cheap. In the main course, never miss the biriyani.

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Gem Inn Restaurant is the in-house restaurant of the very famous Gem Inn Resort in Navalur, OMR. The buffet menu is quite limited with cheap dishes like watermelon juice, buttermilk, chicken roast, lemon rice, two soups, ice creams, semiya payasam, aloo palak etc. The ambiance is quite good which justifies the buffet price despite a poor menu. The restaurant is run by the famous and one of the oldest restaurant group in Chennai. Buffet Price Rs. 547 + Tax Lunch (Veg & Non Veg) (Mon-Sun)

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Kohinoor Asiana hotel is the first-star hotel to come up in Old Mahabalipuram Road (OMR). The buffet menu is moderate with usual items soups, starters, rice, salads, tandooris and a dessert counter which stands out. The interiors are plush as it’s located inside a 5-star property. Corporate houses which plan lunches and dinners with clients can choose the place as it offers a relaxed dining experience well suited for business chats. Buffet Price Rs. 550 + Tax Breakfast (Mon-Sun) Rs. 850 + Tax Lunch – Veg & Non Veg (Mon-Sat) Rs. 900 + Tax Dinner – Veg & Non Veg (Mon-Sat) Rs. 1000 + Tax Sunday Brunch

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Moti Mahal Delux joins the long list of famous restaurant chains which have opened their first restaurant in Old Mahabalipuram Road. It’s quite famous with a good customer base. The buffet menu and serving style stand out from the rest. The century-old restaurant chain has recently revived its menu and has garnered several food awards recently. Known for its tandoori items, the lingering taste is found in many of the hallmark dishes like kebabs, tikkas, prawn grills, biriyanis which are served part of a buffet. Buffet Price Rs. 399 + Tax Veg (Mon-Fri) Rs. 449 + Tax Non Veg (Mon-Fri) Rs. 449 + Tax Veg (Sat-Sun) Rs. 499 + Tax Non-Veg (Sat-Sun)

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Sigree Global Grill is yet another themed restaurant chain from Speciality Restaurants Limited. Sigree is located in Thoraipakkam in Old Mahabalipuram Road (OMR).

Sigree is the most preferred grill restaurant in Chennai after Barbeque nation and is the popular choice of thousands of grill food enthusiasts who work in the IT highway.

Sigree serves liquor and beer that makes it a more attractive choice for corporate dinners. Sigree serves fresh food and is mostly booked, so book a table well in advance if you plan for lunch or dinner.

The buffet menu is very wide and consists of flavors picked from the best of Mediterranean, Oriental, Spanish, Mexican and Indian cuisines.

Buffet Menu

  • Soups: 2 options
  • Salads: 6 options
  • Selection of Bread: 6 options
  • Live Grill (on the table)
  • Veg: 5 options
  • Non-Veg: 5 options
  • Mains on the Buffet
  • Veg: 5 options
  • Non-Veg: 5 options
  • Pasta Station: 7 combinations
  • Dessert: 7 options

Buffet Price

Rs. 575 Lunch – Veg & Non-Veg (Mon-Fri)

Rs. 625 Dinner – Veg & Non-Veg (Mon-Fri)

Rs. 645 Lunch & Dinner – Veg & Non-Veg (Sat-Sun)

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