T Nagar, the top most shopping destination in Chennai’s is home to some of the good restaurants in the city. The best restaurants in T Nagar have a hard time to maintain taste and cleanliness because of the huge numbers of customers they serve every day.  Catering to the diverse floating population who flock the area for shopping is not an easy task. T Nagar restaurants serve many varieties of cuisines like Chinese, Pizzas, Mexican, North Indian, South Indian, Gujarati, Jain food, Chettinad, Parottas and Arabian food. Besides, the top buffet restaurants in Chennai are located in T Nagar near Panagal Park. The place is also famous for its street food joints which do better business than many cozy restaurants.

Buffet restaurants like Barbecue Nation and Absolute Barbecues are always house full. Main Street in The Residency Towers serves a good buffet with Biriyani and Chettinad dishes in their finest taste. GRT Grand Chennai has two restaurants Bazaar and J.Hind. Food festivals in GRT are quite a hit with foodies. We have listed the top 10 best restaurants in t nagar READ THIS LIST ONE BY ONE FROM NUMBER 10

Chefs from around the world are invited to prepare food in their cultural theme. Ferraree restaurant in Benzz Park buffet always runs special offers on buffet with a good spread of starters and dessert. The happy hours at Lexxus bar along with buffet at Ferrarree offers a good chance to spend an evening with groups and families at a budget price. A large number of bars near T Nagar bus stand, Pony bazaar, G N Chetty road and North Usman road has prompted many restaurants to open a branch in T Nagar. 400F, Ali’s BBQ and Grillbox are other favorite places for live grill buffet in T Nagar.

Pelita Nasi Kandar in Pondy bazaar serves Malaysian parotta, fish, squids, prawns, rice and noodles. Another important place to taste parottas is the famous Rahmath border parotta in G N Chetty road. Opened recently, Border Parotta has attracted a lot of attention with mostly positive reviews in Zomato. The good old Rainbow restaurant at the far end of North usman road under the flyover also serves delicious parottas. For Biriyani, Dindigul Thalapakatti and Junior Kuppana are the best. Buhari also has a branch in G N Chetty road famous for its mutton biryani in Hyderabadi style.

T Nagar has many good chettinad restaurants Anjappar, Amma Mess and Virudhunagar. Street food joints near Rohini International and erstwhile Brilliant Tutorials off Pondy Bazaar serve hot idlis omlettes, and gravy along with potti (lamb stomach & intestine). The two popular Andhra Mess in T Nagar are New Andhra meals Hotel and Sri Kanaka Durga Andhra Meals hotel which serve very hot dishes in pure Andhra style. Actor Arya’s Arabian restaurant Savory Seashell in Pondy Bazaar has banquet halls and serves buffet as well.


BR Mathsya is the most famous vegetarian restaurant in T Nagar. The buffet in BR Mathsya is starts at an unbelievable price INR 108 for breakfast. Saravana Bhavan and Balajee Bhavan are great for having meals especially the unlimited option. Namma Veedu Vasantha Bhavan serve good tiffin items like dosa, pongal, poori and variety rice at reasonable prices. For Coffee and Snacks, Madras Coffee House, Coffee Central and Café Coffee Day are great places. Murugan idli is purely for idli lovers and Jigarthanda.

Fast food lovers also have many choices in T Nagar which has branches of top international food chains like Dominos pizza, KFC, Subway and McDonalds. Soups are served in almost all fine dine restaurants in T Nagar, but only certain places prepare with care and worth having. Starters are very good in Dindigul Thalapakatti and Buhari. Salads are to be tried only in places like Subway. Hotels like Moonlight serve all through the night and a favorite among party animals. Among the many choices of restaurants in T Nagar, we have handpicked the best 10 restaurants after visiting them and tasting the dishes each one is famous for.


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