Top 10 Pest Control Services in Sector 21, 22, 23, 24, 25 Gurgaon

Top 10 Pest Control Services in Sector 21, 22, 23, 24, 25 Gurgaon Top 10 Pest Control Services offers Roach Free Service for managing a population of Cockroaches in both Residential and Commercial premises. They use intelligent Gel technology which is placed at strategic places in the infested places in such a way that it comes in contact easily with filthy Cockroaches. The Cockroaches eats the gel and gets killed eventually. The dead Cockroaches are eaten by live Cockroach and the gel present in dead Cockroach kills live Cockroach. This helps to manage Cockroaches fast. Other specialty of Gel technology is that it sticks to a place and does not cause contamination. It is safe to use Gel where a spray of chemicals is not allowed.

#1 Alliance High Care Pest Control Service

Alliance High Care has been in this field from last 7 years and has huge experience in it. You can rest assured while working with us. Their services have a long-lasting effect. They provide a solution for almost all types of pests. They can even be contacted at Sonali Sadan, Mahpe Village, Near Marathi School, Navi Mumbai, and Maharashtra. They deal with Corporate Pest Control, Fumigation Services, Pre Construction Pest Control, and Residential Pest Control.

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#2 Indian Pest Control Service

Indian Pest Control is a resourceful pest control service provider in Gurgaon. Formed in 2009, They help you get rid of all kinds of pests that are haunting the residential and commercial sectors. Their staff will reach you within an hour and also offer timely services. They provide pre and post construction pest control services and anti-termite treatment and cockroach gel treatment services. Further, rodent control, fumigation and mosquito fogging services are also carried out.

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#3 Signature Pest Control Services

Signature Pest Control Services in providing world-class Management Services and other Professional Facilities to varied commercial and corporate sectors. They are equipped with all requisite and latest technology-based tools and machines to ensure that They provide highest standards of facility solutions. Further, all these services that They offer can also be customized to meet the strategic objectives of the client’s organization. They have employed a talented and well-versed team of professionals, which is selected after stringent procedures, verification process, and training sessions. With their best business practices, transparency, reliability, and competitively priced services, They have garnered clients from various sectors like Hospitals, Cinema halls, Shopping malls, Educational and Cultural institutions, and Commercial complexes.

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#4 Citi Environmental Services

Citi Environmental Services have been in this service from the last several years They are proud to offer a complete range of services consultancy, and solutions to their existing and future customers alike. This website has been launched with the idea of educating the end user as well as the skilled person in the field of pest management. While exploring their website one come across the detailed information about pest problem and their solution thereof. There is enough information for every section, may it be a homeowner, commercial facility manager, industrial production manager or quarantine requirement of big export houses. They encourage you to explore this website and take full advantage of the information available.

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#5 Roxy India Pest Control Service

Roxy India Pest Control has been in this service from the last several years. Pest control and allied services is a leading company engaged in providing Pest Management Professional Services in the field of pest control, equipped with ultra-modern techniques and thorough knowledge of pesticides and insecticides. They are blessed with Technically Qualified Management & Quality Conscious Manpower.

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#6 Sharma Pest Control Services

Sharma Pest Control Services is a leading service provider of pest control services. With an experience of more than a decade, They have become experts in protecting against common pests, including termites, rodents, and insects. In addition to pest control, They also offer integrated plans to help protect your residence, office and their surroundings. They provide a comprehensive inspection before beginning their process. They have both standard packages and customized based on unique treatments for your different needs. Lastly, they monitor through regular inspections to prevent further pest infestation and to ensure that their solutions have been effective in removing them. Their customer’s satisfaction is their goal. In case you are not happy with their service, They will work with you until you are. They aim to meet up with every expectation of yours.

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#7 Dynamic Pest & Rodent Control Service

Dynamic Pest & Rodent Control,” are a North India based leading service providers of Pest Control, Rodent Control, Wood Borer, Mosquito Control, Cockroach Control, Termite Control, Fumigation, and Disinfestation Services. They also offer some domestic services like Garden Treatment, Carpet Cleaning, and Carpet Treatment. As their services are widely popular in both residential as well as commercial sectors, They are effectively able to contribute to creating a safe environment for living with the peak of hygiene and safety. With their experienced management team and expert professional, supporting us in the involved operations, They are offering eco-friendly as well as effective service that is in line with their customer’s requirement. They use only effectual chemical/insecticides/pesticides and modern equipment to carry out their services.

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#8 The Pest Control Company

The Pest Control Company leading residential and commercial pest control Gurgaon & NCR offers corporate pest control as well as residential pest control. The Pest Control company perfectly understands how pest can make life truly miserable. Whether you are a business institution, home, hospital or any other place, The Pest Control Company offer you timely and expert help. They have innovated a wide variety of products and services for pest elimination, a few of which include herbal pesticides, electronics rodent repellers, integrated pest management etc, besides the conventional chemical pest control techniques. It has been their constant endeavor to provide the best and most suitable solutions to their clients

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#9 Pest Cure Incorporation Service

Pest Cure Incorporation Services uses the latest technology to control pest in order to provide best of the services for clients. They specialize in Herbal Pest Control and Anti – Termite Treatment. Their customized treatments/packages for Restaurants, Banquets, Hospitals, Schools & Offices, etc. include Anti – Termite Treatment, Fumigation Services & Domestic/Herbal Pest Control. The chemicals & method used by us are Odorless & Non-Messy. They pride ourselves to ensure the continual growth of their business. PEST-CURE is concentrating on enhancing the quality of service and providing better results to the end users. The company is currently providing services to commercial and residential sites having more than 10,000 satisfied customers in cities such as Gurgaon.

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#10 Marco Pest Control Service

Marco Pest Control Service Scorpions are common household pests. Most of the scorpions that enter dwellings are not poisonous, their sting is similar to bees or wasps. It’s usually better to assume that they are poisonous if you are unsure. Scorpions feed on insects, so if you have an issue with roaches, ants, or other bugs in the house, you’ll need to solve that problem before the scorpions will go away. The procedure includes the identification, food elimination, harborage sites elimination, exclusion, chemical control.

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