ECR Road Chennai is a perfect spot for weekend picnics. The entire ecr road is filled with amusement parks, beaches, multiplexes, themed restaurants, resorts, fishing hamlets and heritage centers For this reasons ecr road is considered as one of the best places to visit in Chennai also.

During summer the twin theme parks of ECR, VGP Universal Kingdom and MGM Dizzee World attract visitors from all around, especially families with kids. There are more best tourist places in Chennai ecr so we have picked the best places to visit in ecr in this list READ THIS LIST ONE BY ONE FROM NUMBER 10.

Ecr’s oldest theme park VGP Universal Beach (Golden Beach) still continues to attract most visitors. The recent addition if ” Snow Park ” in the Universal Kingdom has become very popular with kids.

South India’s only open-air theatre Prarthana is a real wonder which provides ultimate movie experience in a sprawling campus cooled by the sea breeze. Mayajaal has over 12 screens which attract huge crowds whenever bug movies are released. Prarthana drive-in theatre is one of its kind preferred by couples, bachelors and families alike. Akkarai beach strategically located near the ECR-OMR link road is a favorite hang out spot among college students.

Off Road Sports which features ATV rides through the sands and woods are worth the visit. Though Covelong has become a Surfers camp recently, there are only a quite few Chennaites who actually have the interest for surfing. However, the annual surfing event attracts a lot of foreign tourists. Wild Tribe Ranch located near Crocodile Bank has a lot of activities for the adrenaline addictive adventure enthusiasts. Bullie the Bull, Devils Ramp, Paintball, Trampoline Jump, Bungee Run, Ejection Bungee, Flying fox, Descender (Rappeling) and Flying Fox are some of the games which can provide a lingering experience in Wild Tribe Ranch.

Corporate outings are the most popular activity which keeps the resorts and adventure sports centers busy throughout the year. MGM Resorts has a separate area dedicated to corporate outings which can facilitate 18 different groups at a time. They usually offer a welcome drink, PA system, games like beach volleyball, cricket along with lunch followed by evening tea and snacks.

Sai Baba Temple in Injambakkam is the most famous pilgrim center in East Coast Road. The temple is crowded on Thursdays as well as on weekends, especially during Aarthi timings. The recently built Iskcon temple is a beautiful place and a must visit for tourists.

Due to its proximity to OMR, the IT hub of Chennai, it gets busy in the weekends. Though there are many attractions in ecr, we have picked the Top 10 Places to Visit in ECR (East Coast Road), Chennai for tourist and our readers.

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